OVSED: New look, new projects for new year 2012

By admin on December 24, 2011

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From OVSED  Team Facebook:



Dear colleagues,


On getting close to finishing the year, OVSED has a new look, new projects to welcome the new year 2012.


OVSED Team has released a new version of OVSED Portal with an interative menu where you can find more effectively the main content (login for more details):





Due to lack of time and technical members, this version is far from complete. So, your comments or suggestions are preciously welcome!


With the support of the Advisory Committee, OVSED Team also launched two new projects:

  • SCG Project (SCG = “Sách Chuyên Gia” – “Experts” Books): A book project by experts.

SCG Project Plan:


SCG Bookstore:

  • Campus Store: A products showroom by students, researchers. The project is on progress and the plan is comming soon…

A demo case of Campus Store:


New members registration is NOW opening. Please contact us to ask for joining:



We would like to present our acknowledgement to people as following for their helps, supports, collaborations in 2011:

  • Mr. Bui Minh Thuong
  • Dr. Bui Nghia Vuong
  • Dr. Bui Quoc Tinh
  • Dr. Cao Xuan Hieu
  • Mr. Dang Hoang Vu
  • Mr. Do Duc Tuong
  • Mr. Dinh Cong Bang
  • Mrs. Dinh Tuong Lan
  • Prof. Duong Nguyen Vu
  • Mr. Ha Minh Hoang
  • Mr. Huynh Kim Hieu
  • Mr. Kim Ngoc Minh
  • Assoc.Prof. Le Chi Hieu
  • Dr. Le Van Ut
  • Mr. Le Ha Xuan
  • Mr. Le Hoang Tung
  • Dr. Mai Thi Thanh Thai
  • Mr. Nghiem Xuan Huy
  • Dr. Ngo Duc The
  • Prof. Nguyen Dang Hung
  • Mr. Nguyen Duc Hien
  • Mr. Nguyen Hoai Tuong
  • Mr. Nguyen Hoai Nam
  • Dr. Nguyen H. Dat
  • Dr. Nguyen Huu Lam
  • Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Nga
  • Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai
  • Mr. Nguyen Trung Thanh
  • Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hung
  • Mr. Pham Chau Huynh
  • Mr. Pham Nguyen Quy
  • Ms. Pham Thanh Van
  • Mr. Phan Phi Anh
  • Mr. Tang Quang Thai
  • Dr. Tran Hoang Huy
  • Dr. Tran Huy Thinh
  • Mr. Tran Kham
  • Mr. Tran Minh Hoang
  • Dr. Tran Minh Triet
  • Dr. Tran Ngoc Tien Dung
  • Ms. Tran Lan
  • Mr. Tran Trong Thanh
  • Dr. Trinh Ngoc Thanh
  • Mr. Vo Xuan Hoai
  • Mr. Vo Van Chi
  • Mr. Vu Dang Toan




(Vietnamese Scientists-Experts)

Source: http://www.facebook.com/notes/vietnamese-scientists-experts/ovsed-new-look-new-projects-for-new-year-2012/261031293960684