Vietnamese scientists in France affirm status – VOV

By admin on May 29, 2013

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(VOV) – The Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE) aims to elevate its position within the Vietnamese community in France and Europe and affirm its status within the French scientist circles.

AVSE President Nguyen Duc Khuong made this statement at the association’s second congress in Paris on May 25 to review its 2011-2013 activities and define its orientations for the next tenure.

Khuong said that the association has organized 20 international conferences, seminars and training courses in a variety of fields includingconstruction, economics,finance, information technology and communications.

In addition, AVSE has also held workshops on East Sea-related history, legal status, geopolitics and economics, affirming Vietnam’s sovereignty over the Truong Sa (Spratly) and Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelagos in the East Sea.

Over the next years, AVSE will expand its network of scientists and focus on natural and applied science research.

The association also plans to organize annual seminars to build partnerships and strengthen cooperation with French scientific agencies to promote Vietnam-France relations. It will seek investment research projects that are in line with Vietnam’s socio-economic and scientific development.