Ph.D. & Postdoc Positions – Nanomaterials (Singapore)

By admin on June 9, 2013

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VSE Contact:

Dr. Tran Dinh Phong






PhD student scholarships and research fellows. Interested candidates please contact Zhichuan (Jason) directly with your CV and your research interests by email:

1) A postdoc (reserach fellow) position is available immediately for battery research. The candidate should have extensive research experience in Li-ion (or other battery) and materials synthesis & characterizations.

2) A postdoc (reserach fellow) position is available immediately for electrochemical reduction of CO2. The candidate should have extensive research experience in eletctrocatalysis and materials synthesis & characterizations. The position will be co-advised by Dr. Phong and Prof. James Barber.

3) We have a PhD scholarship available immediately for the following topic:

Novel copper based electrocatalysts for CO2 reduction reaction and their implementation within hybrid photocatalyst

We are seeking highly motivated candidates for receiving a PhD scholarship within the collaborative Singapore-Berkeley Initiative program (Sinberise). The PhD research project will focus on design and synthesis novel copper-based electrocatalysts for the CO2 reduction reaction producing solar fuels e.g. CO, HCOOH, MeOH. Different synthesis methodologies including chemical solution synthesis, electrodeposition and physical vapour deposition will be screened. Chemical functionalization and nanostructure engineering will be introduced to enhance intrinsic and apparent electrocatalytic properties of synthesized copper electrocatalysts. Important effort will also focus on interfacing identified copper electrocatalyst with appropriate p-type visible light active semiconductor e.g. silicon, Cu2O for engineering hybrid photocatalyst/ photocathode for CO2 photoreduction in coupling with photo-driven water splitting. This project will be conducted both at Electrocatalytic Nanomaterials Lab and Solar Fuel Lab in close collaboration with Prof James Barber and Dr. Phong D. Tran. Applicatnts should have a background in inorganic chemistry or chemistry of materials. Strong experimental skills and motivation for conducting intensive experimental works are expected.

The scholarship package can be found at

Interested individuals please send your CV to Dr. Xu Zhichuan, Dr. Phong D. Tran (, or Prof. James Barber (