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Book reviews – NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions

Reviews: Martin Crowder, Reiter’s Books, Richard Beals, Adrian Hamilton, Roelof Koekoek, ScienceDaily, Bob O’Malley, Michael Anderson Book title: NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions Domain: Mathematics Edition/Year: 3rd (2010) Publisher: Cambridge University Press Author: Frank W. J. Olver, Daniel W. Lozier, Ronald F. Boisvert, Charles W. Clark Description: Modern developments in theoretical and applied science depend […]

Book reviews – Sensation & Perception – J.M. Wolfe et al.

Reviews: David Burr, James T. Enns, The Quarterly Review of Biology, Shenker Joel, De Valois, Karen K., Kreiner, David S., Hartwick, Andrew T. E., Rabin, Jeff C. Book title: Sensation & Perception Domain: Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience Edition/Year: 3rd (2012) Publisher: Sinauer Author: Jeremy M. Wolfe, Keith R. Kluender, Dennis M. Levi, Linda M. Bartoshuk, Rachel S. Herz, Roberta L. Klatzky, Susan J. […]

{Reviews} Analysis of Human Genetic Linkage – Jurg Ott

Reviews by: Editorial Reviews, R. C. Elston, J. H. Edwards, M. Boehnke, R. Neuman, W.G. Hill, D. Waterworth, S.P. Simpson, A.P. Read, J.B. Walsh Book title: Analysis of Human Genetic Linkage Domain: Biology, Genetics, Biomedical Engineering Edition/Year: 3rd (1999) Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press Author: Jurg Ott (Rockefeller University) Description: The first and still the only book of its kind, this volume offers a concise introduction […]