ASTA International Software Testing Conference 2012

By admin on September 25, 2011

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ASTA International Software Testing Conference 2012 will be held on March 17th in Hanoi, Vietnam.
This conference is for free with limited seats.

Call For Speakers 

Conference Organizer encourages authors of papers to benefit from speaking opportunities at ASTA International Software Testing Conference 2012 -Hanoi, Vietnam. Authors selected for speaking opportunities confirm their organizations´ positions as innovative quality leaders, and benchmark against other leading experts in the area of software testing..

Deadlines for submissions:

  • Jan 15, 2012 : Submission of abstracts for papers and tutorials
  • Jan 30, 2012 : Notification of acceptance
  • Feb 15, 2012 :  Submission of final papers
  • Mar 6, 2012 : Submission of tutorial and paper slides

Templete for Speakers:

Topics for Paper Submission
Paper Submission can include but is not restricted to:

* Testing Leadership and management
* Adapting to change
* Cross-functional and multi-discipline teams
* Case studies and lessons learned
* Testing skills
* Marketing testing to management/developers

* Quality engineering, management and assurance
* Process improvement
* Standards and regulations
* Maturity models
* Non-functional testing
* Testing techniques
* Measurement and metrics

* Testing tools
* Test automation
* Test data management
* Test environments
* Testing Service Oriented Architecture
* Testing in the “cloud”
* Testing as a service

Submissions Invited

  1. Tutorials: One Day (including Q&A)
    Opportunity for Testing/Automation Experts, Heads-Quality, Process Engineers and Technical Specialists to share their expertise with Practitioners, thereby enabling participants to apply specific techniques to real-time projects.
  2. Conference Presentations: 70 Minutes (including Q&A)
    Testing Gurus and Industry Leaders are invited to share their knowledge, experience and case studies with a highly charged audience

All selected papers will be published as part of the Conference Proceedings.

Guidelines for Paper submission

Content Guidelines:
* Should be original material
* Must have a well-defined focus on the chosen topic
* Must be practical & implementation-focused
* Must show examples, practical applications, cause & effect, and be supported by case studies
* Company confidential information should NOT be disclosed.
* Content should advance the Body of Knowledge for quality professionals
* Should NOT be a marketing / sales / product demo – All product demos, marketing / sales presentations would come under a sponsored and notified “Vendor Presentation Slot”

Documentation Guidelines:
* Only papers submitted in the prescribed template will be accepted
* Min 8 pages, Max 12 Pages (Excluding the cover pages and bios of speakers)
* Line spacing: 1.5

Contents of abstract:

  1. What is the paper all about? i.e. a clear Introduction
  2. Which audience does this paper add most value to?
  3. The content in brief
  4. Where has this applied?
  5. What are the tangible benefits?
  6. What are some of the issues faced and how to handle them/how was this handled?

Parameters for technical review of papers:

  1. Is the topic innovative / different?
  2. Practical usefulness of this topic
  3. Clarity of thought / expression
  4. How has this benefited your organization?
  5. Layout, grammar, spelling etc.

Please submit the final paper + speaker profile in a Single Word file as per the downloadable template along with the filled in Speaker Submission Form to :


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