Libre Graphics Meeting 2012 – Vietnam

By admin on October 24, 2011

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The success of LGM Montreal 2011 (Conference 2011,Conference 2010,Conference 2009,Conference 2008Conference 2007) has inspired us all to work together on the proposal for next year Libre Graphics Meeting. Please help fill in the information below to help shape the conference.


Libre Graphics Meeting 2012 • 12 – 15 April 2012 • Vietnam

Seventh annual worldwide meeting of teams developing open source graphics applications.

Website: ventura plumber


Libre Graphics Meeting is an annual convention for the discussion of free and open source software used with graphics; The first Libre Graphics Meeting was held in May 2006. Communities from Inkscape, GIMP, Scribus, sK1, Blender, Nathive, Open Clip Art Library, Open Font Library and more come together through the Create Project to assemble this annual conference. Last week the fifth LGM took place in Brussels, Belgium. The event achieved a huge success. And we all are looking forward for the next LGM.

During the past six years this meeting was organized in different places in Europe and North America. It is time for LGM to make a move to the biggiest continent of the world, Asia. There are millions of designers, artists and users who live in Asia but still the number of contributors in the Free, Libre Graphics projects is limited. Having LGM 2012 in Asia will not only be a way to promote awareness of Libre Graphics in Asia but also to boost the engagement of Asian people into the Global Free, Libre, and Open Source Graphics Community.

Why Vietnam?

Promise an UNLIKE LGM ever :-).

Pros Cons Overcome
People Young community, full of energy, very enthusiastic, friendly and eager to learn. It maybe difficult to get many quality participants who have strong libre graphics background in Vietnam or Asia. I believe there are some good developers out there, we just do not know about them yet We are thinking of having a Pre-Libre Graphics Online Contest before the event to attract good developers.
Language Most of participants will speak English. Increasing number of young people who are very good at English. Taxi drivers, motorbike riders, polices are usually not able to speak English. Some old people you find on the street of course do not speak English. But they can read, you can just show them the address
Venue Raffles International College confirmed to host the event. Very good facilities. Lunch/dining space is quite small Raffles will try to their best to arrange the space otherwise they will help to look for some restaurants close by.
Internet Access Almost all hotels in district 1 are equipped with free wireless internet. 80% of coffee shops and restaurants in district 1 have WI-fi internet. Small internet corners can easily be found on the street. (30cent/hour) Sometimes the connection is not so stable at your place. Most of time it should be fine.
Overall cost of organizing Cost of printing, calling, catering is very cheap. Negotiation is always needed. It may take a lot of time because people normally are not used to tell the real price Preparation period will start several months before the event.
Travel cost Cheap, and easy to reach from many countries in Asia (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thai, Lao, Cambodia, China) Expensive to fly from Europe, America, and Africa A few cheap ways to fly, checkTransportation
Accommodation Oversea guests are advised to stay in district 1, which is the tourist area, plenty cheap hotels (8 -15 USD), also many luxury places (100 USD+) as you wish. You will not get European room standard. Some foreigners often get allergic to the aircon. It is good to bring some allergy medication. Many pharmacies are located around your hotels.
Night life Many bars, clubs, restaurants, karaoke house, within walking distance. Please do not compared to New York, Paris or Beijing. We are in Vietnam. You gotta try out!
Late transportation Taxi is available all night. Most of the cases you can walk home. Do not get so drunk alone, someone may steal your wallet or cellphone. It is always good to be in group.
Travel between Venue – Hotel It is not expensive to get around. Unfortunately venue is not in walking distance to your hotel. We often have traffic jam in the morning We try to arrange pick-up and drop-off between hotel – venue by private bus. Get up a bit early to avoid traffic jam
Mean of transport Taxi is quite cheap compared to Europe. (0.80USD/km). Motorbike service is twice cheaper. Motorbike rental is 4 USD/day Public transportation is not advisable (it is difficult and very stressful to catch the public bus) Some of our volunteers are more than happy to ride you on their motorbikes. Ask Jon Phillips.
Visa process May have to wait a bit at the airport to get your visa (20 min to 50 min) If you are lucky, you don’t have to wait at all.
Weather Tropical weather, very warm so you don’t have to pack those heavy jackets. Very humid, the air is not so good. You probably need to have your clothes washed everyday. Laundry services are available at any corners, 1 USD per Kg
Food and drink Vietnamese food is delicious and healthy :-). International cuisine including European, American, Japan, Indian, Thai is also available in district 1. Sorry, you will not find hundred different kinds of beer but we do have a wide collection of tropical juices. You are welcome bring your own beer over.
Security The polices never harm you unless you commit a crime. No terrorism record. Sadly stealing is a common practice at some places like in front of the airport, fully crowded streets or bars.
Be careful when you cross the street. There are so many motorbikes and people drive quite crazy here.
As long as you keep your eyes open and always be cautious with your belongings, you will definitely be fine.



  • To gather Free, Libre, Open Source Graphics developers and contributors from over the world
  • To promote awareness of Libre Graphics as well as Free and Open Source softwares in Asia
  • To attract new Asian contributors to the project
  • To allow developers and contributors to have face-to-face discussions
  • To showcase latest technologies and projects
  • To highlight new ideas and cutting edge developments
  • To involve partners and facilitate an approach to the Free, Libre Graphics community in Asia
  • To further improve the Free, Libre and Open Source Graphics software in Asian languages
  • To boost the local Vietnamese Free, Libre and Open Source Graphics Software Community

Local team

Government Partners

  • Ministry of education (MOC)
  • Ministry of Information & Communications (MIC)
  • Ministry of Science & Technology (MST)

Local Partners

Please add your organisation

Local Media Partners

  • Vietnam guild , Mr.Nguyen Duc Manh,
  • PCWorld , Mr.Dat,
  • Dan Tri , Mr.David Charles Cornish,
  • Dat Viet , Mr.Nguyen Quang Duy,
  • Tuoi Tre , Mr.Le Bao Ky,

Proposed Date

April 12 – 15, 2012 (Thursday – Sunday)

First Venue Option

University of fine arts Ho Chi Minh is willing to host LGM 2012. This is the only public art university of the south of vietnam with around 800 students. It would be a great opportunity to engage more students to the meeting. And they also support the idea of having a libre graphics contest before LGM to gather more quality people.
University of Fine Arts contact person:

  • Mr. Nguyen Van Minh, head of department for Academic Administration and International Cooperation, email:, tel: +84 (0) 908 001 845
  • Mr. Ho Si Minh Tuan, director of Information Technology and Library Center, email:, tel: +84 (0) 908 039 039

Host Venue Checklist

Facilities Remarks Pictures
Free wireless connection throughout campus Yes, very good connection

One big hall with capacity of 200 pax Yes, fully equipped with chairs, tables, sound system, projector, screen and white board.

Five workshop rooms, 15 to 20 pax each Yes, normal class room with tables, chairs, screen, projector, & white board. Computer labs are also available for workshop at free of charge

One administration room for organizers Yes, we can use one of the class rooms

Discussion space Yes, we can use the library.

Lounge/registration area Yes

Cafeteria Yes, there is a small cafe inside the campus

Lunch space Yes, there is an empty space next to the big hall. It is not very big. The school will arrange more tables. There are also many restaurants nearby.

Dinner party space Yes, there is a lovely balcony outside the library on the top floor. We can use it at night when it is not so hot outside.


Second Venue Option

We have second venue option. RMIT university also confirmed that they are willing to host LGM. This is a much bigger campus compared to Raffles. Very beautiful place!
Contact person at RMIT:

  • Mr. Kevin Kuruvilla B.Engg, Coordinator – BIT Program,
  • Mr. Richard Streitmatter-Tran, RMIT. Lecturer – Design,


Get in


From Airline Options Estimated cost (Round trip) Comments
Europe Low cost option: 

Full service option:

  • Qatar Airways often offers good price to fly from many cities in Europe (Franfurt,Berlin, Brussels etc.) to HCMC.
  • From Paris – HCMC: check China Southern .
Low cost option: -/+ 700 – 750 EUR 

Full service option: -/+ 800 EUR

Low cost option: this is not a connected flight. You have book two seperate tickets. Check in twice :-(. But this is a good chance to see another country in Asia without paying for the stopover fee. Yay!!! 

Full service option: Some airlines often offer very good prices. Keep on checking to find the best option.

America Many Vietnameses live in the States, thus we have a lot of options here. Check out: Asiana AirlinesKorean AirChina AirlinesCathay PacificEVA air , USD $900 – USD$1200 If you live in the city with a lot of Vietnameses, check out the travel agencies at the Vietnamese markets, they often offer a very good price.
Australia Jetstar offers cheap flights from Melbourne or Sydney to HCMC as well as Airasia . Sometimes full service airlines including Malaysia AirlinesSingapore Airlines give out very good promotion. Range from AUD $650 – AUD $900, sometimes you can get it at AUD $500
Asia There are a lot of low cost options to fly within the region. CheckAirasiaJetstar ,TigerairwaysMalaysia Airlines USD $100+ – USD $300+ (depends on where you live) There are bus services for people from Laos, Cambodia.
Africa Check out South African AirwaysEmiratesThai Airways





Class Rate (USD) Price including Address/Website
Dormitories/hostels 5 Internet, breakfast, shared bathroom Along Pham Ngu Lao Street and De Tham Street, District 1Hostel Booking
Budget hotels 8-15 Internet, cable TV, aircon/fan, double/twin bed (2 people) Hotel Booking
Mid-class 25-35 Internet, aircon, cable TV, telephone, standard double/twin bed (2 people) Hotel BookingIndochine Hotel
Luxury (4 star) 65 – 100, 100+ Buffet breakfast, daily English newspaper, hair dryer, in-city call, in-coming fax, coffee, tea, mineral water, gyms etc. Kim Do Hotel
Palace Hotel
Top (5 star) 200+ Buffet breakfast, 24-hour room service, dual line phones, voicemail, high-speed Internet access, marble bath, separate work area, bathrobes, dataport, individual air conditioning access, morning newspaper, hairdryer, gyms, swimming pool. Park Hyatt HotelSheraton Hotel


PRE-LGM Activities

The Online Libre Graphics Contest

Please add your ideas

  • Objectives: to attract good developers/designers at the same time to promote the meeting throughout the country.
  • How does it work? Collaborate with a university, set up website for online Libre Graphics Contest follow the concept of Google Summer of Code. Raffles College and RMIT University are willing to do that. Local organizers will take care of the funding of the contest.

The Libre Graphics Campaign

Please add your ideas

  • Objectives: We don’t want to have LGM like a one time event – it comes and goes. The goal is to get new comers to learn, try, and do themself then they will share with others and will contribute to the libre graphics projects later on. Therefore it is good to build connections with the local communities and to teach students/teachers about libre graphics because only with education things can change.
  • How does it work? Some people suggested that the team of some LGM people come to the host country one month prior the meeting. Local organizers are willing to help with accommodation plus size clothing . Local people also contact different universities to set up teaching places where the LGM team can give workshops or lectures on libre graphics to the students, teachers and local FOSS communities. How about a libre graphics exhibition? It is also possible to set up

Target audience

Our target audiences are Free, Libre, and Open Source Graphics developers, users, teachers and students.

  • Developers: Libre Graphics Software developers, quality engineers, designers, artists, documentation writers, translators, and evangelists.
  • Users: Free, Libre, and Open Source Graphics software users, and accessibility users.
  • Teachers and students: Teachers and students from universities who are interested to learn more about LibreGraphics



  • Language: English and Vietnamese, and French (maybe)
  • Talks: 30 mins talks to be submitted by speakers.
  • BOF / meetings
  • Workshops/ tutorial sessions

The Tour

There are a few options for a one day tour. We can do it right after the meeting with a big bus.

  • City tour of Saigon visit Binh Tay Market, Ben Thanh Market, Unification Palace, War Museum, Fine Arts Museum etc.
  • Historic tour visit Cu Chi Tunnel and Tay Ninh
  • Mekong tour visit Can Tho plus size clothing , the hometown of Hong Phuc :-), with the floating market


We will make sure the people we want to target will be aware of the meeting. This will be done by:

  • Global Websites:
  • Forums
  • Local Vietnamese Linux websites and other organizations and communities
  • Social networks
  • Mailing lists
  • Posters
  • Blogs
  • Press Releases
  • Press Conference


Please add your own ideas to make the meeting possible in Asia.

Local Contact

simi valley plumbing Hong Phuc Dang (English, Vietnamese),
Skype dangp008
Cell +84 939 871001

Mario Behling (French, English, German)
Skype marioberlin89
International +49 30 88764502


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