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VSE Contact:

Associate Professor Doan An Hai – University of Wisconsin-Madison


While KEYS is successfully held twice in 2009 and 2010, we pursue the success of the third workshop with the prestigious SIGMOD conference again. Information search has a close relationship with our lives, for example, the wide use of Web search engines in searching of various data and information of different forms, such as textual documents, images, and video. Vast amount of data appear on Web as well as in many corporations have structured or semi-structured forms, like relational databases, XML, data extracted from text documents, etc. Access these data in a traditional way is to have some knowledge of structured query language, data schemas and so on. But keyword search gives Web and scientific user an easier and more convenient way to get access to heterogeneous representation of data, which is a reason why database community has a growing researching interest in this area recent years. In fact, (semi-)structured data provide large amount of meta-information useful in enhancing search quality, while the inherent ambiguity and complexity of the data also give great challenges in providing intelligent search results.

Apart from the structured and semi-structured data, we are also interested in keyword search on some new environments, for example, spatial data research and keyword search on tweets. Geographic objects associated with descriptive texts are becoming prevalent. This gives prominence to spatial keyword queries that take into account both the locations and textual descriptions of content. In addition, micro-blogging systems like tweets pose new challenges for database operation, due to the high update and query loads. From the database perspective, we need to create an up-to-data index for real-time search, but it can’t be achieved by conventional approaches. This topic is also included in this workshop.

The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum for both academic researchers and industrial practitioners to discuss the opportunities and challenges in keyword search on (semi-)structured data, spatial data, and Web data, and to present the key issues and novel techniques in this area. In this workshop, we invite researchers from academia as well as industry working in relational databases, data warehouses, XML, information extraction, natural language processing, probabilistic databases, social networks, and related areas to submit their original papers. The main topics include, but not limited to:

  • Keyword search on relational databases and data warehouses
  • Keyword search on XML
  • Keyword search on spatial data
  • Keyword search on tweets
  • Keyword search on extracted data from text documents
  • Keyword on other data structures (e.g. workflows, annotated images)
  • Keyword search on data streams and continuous monitoring systems
  • Ranking schemes
  • Top-K query processing
  • Result snippet generation
  • Result clustering
  • Query cleaning
  • User preferences and feedback
  • Handling data uncertainty in keyword search
  • Search quality evaluation
  • Performance optimization

Submission PapersAnnounced soon!

Important DatesAnnounced soon!

Organizing CommitteeSteering Committee:

Surajit Chaudhuri Microsoft America
Lei Chen The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology China,HK
Yi Chen Arizona State University America
Luis Gravano Columbia University America

Workshop General Chair:

Tok Wang Ling National University of Singapore Singapore
Ge Yu Northeastern University China

Workshop PC co-Chairs:

Jiaheng Lu Renmin University of China China
Wei Wang The University of New South Wales Australia

Program committe:

Chee-Yong Chan National University of Singapore Singapore
Yi Chen Arizona State University USA
Surajit Chaudhuri Microsoft Research USA
Alin Deutsch University of California San Diego USA
AnHai Doan University of Wisconsin USA
Zachary Ives University of Pennsylvania USA
Ihab Iyalis University of Waterloo Canada
Guoliang Li Tsinghua University China
Xuemin Lin The University of New South Wales Australia
Bongki Moon University of Arizona USA
Ullas Nambiar IBM India Research Lab India
Vincent Oria New Jersey’s Science & Technology University USA
Fatma Ozcan IBM Research USA
Dimitris Papadias Hong Kong University of Science and Technology China,HK
Jeffrey Xu Yu The Chinese University of Hong Kong China,HK
Xiaofang Zhou The University of Queensland Australia


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