ICCASA 2012 – Agriculture (Vietnam)

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The Organizing Committee invites authors to contribute to the Conference by submitting abstract then full papers. You will find below a number of recommendation related to your contributions. 

Download Call for papers Download Template

Expected contributions
Expected contributions
Abstracts and papers should address one or more of the conference hot topics which are at the intersection of several fields of application: farming systems, management of natural resources, agronomy, social and technical innovations design for rural development, rural policies, plant breeding, etc. Contributions in any of these fields are welcome.
Conference focus on conservation agriculture and sustainable upland livelihoods in Southeast Asia, but welcome any paper sharing knowledge from other regions.
Reflections in all disciplines are welcome, including agronomy, geography, anthropology, economics, animal and crop sciences, sociology, land planning, modeling, engineering sciences, educational sciences, political sciences.
Papers can discuss theoretical and methodological aspects or present case studies as a basis for reflection.
Encouraging exchange
As this is an international scientific conference, the scientific quality of papers is a precondition. Nonetheless, we would like to encourage presentations based on exchange, especially interdisciplinary papers crossing life sciences and social sciences, and papers involving researchers and stakeholders. Two-voice presentations are welcome.
Submit an abstract

Abstract submission
All abstracts are to be submitted through this website. Authors will be firstly invited to provide a number of professional details (such as institution, full name, e-mail, etc.) then invited to validate abstract submission.
Abstract due date
Deadline for submitting abstracts is July 1st, 2012
Once received, all abstracts will be reviewed by an international panel formed by members of the scientific committee, then selected either for full paper and / or poster according to their relevance regarding one or more of the hot topics.
General recommendation
When writing both abstract and full paper, please try to bring insight on the following questions:
– How is this issue original with respect to innovation design witthin the scope of conservation agriculture and sustainable development?
– What does this issue bring to the overall reflexion on ecological intensification and innovation design?
– What has changed in the way of dealing with this issue over the past 15 years?
– What perspectives can be identified in terms of future research and action?
Guidelines for abstracts 

The abstract (2 pages, not more than 1000 words) should be clear as a stand-alone statement, and should be organised as follows:
– Title
– Author’s name and affiliation
– 5 keywords
– Hot topic(s) that is (are) addressed
– Objective of the paper
– Originality and main contribution
– Method
– Results
Paper: Times New Roman 12 should be used, single space with 2,5 cm margins on all sides

Guidelines for papers
All papers must follow the same guidelines. There will be no distinction between long and short presentations. They will all appear on the CD-rom distributed during the symposium, and then put online as the conference proceedings.
Full papers are limited to 10 pages (32 000 characters). Papers must be written in English.
Please follow format and instructions of template. No editing work will be done for the CD-rom for the participants’ briefcase. Papers will be published just as they are received.
Papers must be sent before October 30th, 2012.
Papers which are not sent by this date will not appear in the CD-rom for the participants’ briefcase.
Guidelines for posters

Conference will welcome posters to complete oral presentations: as we wish to foster exchange during the Conference, we strongly encourage participants to also bring a poster so discussions can continue after the working sessions.
The participants will have access to your paper, please privilege visual elements for the poster.
Posters need to mention: Title of paper, author’s name, e-mail and institution.
Please respect size format:  90 cm x 120 cm
Guidelines for presentations
Strict time management will be the rule during the Conference. Each author can present only one long presentation (and exceptionally also one short presentation). If you are main author of more than one abstract, please ask your co-authors to present the other abstracts.
Two-voice presentations are welcome, especially for interdisciplinary papers crossing life sciences and social sciences, and papers involving researchers and stakeholders.
Power-point presentations are welcome. We will be extremely rigorous about time for presentations, so as to get time for discussions.
·         Long presentations must be 25 minutes maximum (we recommend 20 slides maximum)
·         Short presentations must be 15 minutes maximum (we recommend 10 slides maximum
Expected diffusion
Papers will be published on a CD-Rom which will be distributed during the conference and then posted on-line as the conference proceedings.
Agreements will be engaged to publish special issues in international journals (English). Authors are encouraged to produce papers of the usual quality standards so that they can be submitted for publication in these reviews.
A special book will also be published to present a global view of issues dealing with upland livelihoods, innovations related to conservation agriculture and sustainable development, including key note lectures and the syntheses of round tables and parallel workshops.
We will invite representatives of the general press as well as of professional reviews dealing with political issues or with advisory and support services. The results of the conference might also be used in training workshops and research schools to feed reflection on research methods and practices in Northern and Southern countries.
For more information, contact us.

More: http://www.conservation-agriculture2012.org


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