ICEPORM 2012 – Environment (Vietnam)

By admin on April 6, 2012

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The second
International Conference on Environmental Pollution, Restoration, and Management
(Hanoi University of Science, Loyola University Chicago and SETAC AP Joint Conference)
March 4-8, 2013, Hanoi, Vietnam
Conference topics and abstract submission:

Conference topics:

  • Impact of urban development on the environment
  • Impact of industrialization on the environment
  • Water resources in the Mekong River and Red River watersheds: quality, quantity, and management
  • Local environmental issues in Asian countries: dioxins in Vietnam, arsenic contamination in groundwater
  • Effects of climate change on the environment
  • Environmental monitoring programs on water, soil, air and biota
  • Environmental modeling
  • Environmental health/public health: implications of compromised ecosystems
  • Environmental toxicology/ecotoxicology
  • Ecological and human health risk assessments
  • Development of environmental quality criteria
  • Environmental management and policy
  • Environmental remediation and restoration
  • Environmental technology
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Emerging contaminants: fate and effects (pharmaceutical and personal care products, nanoparticles)

Short courses: one day or half day

  • Nanoparticles in the environment: fate and effects (Stephen Klaine, Clemson University)
  • Method in Aquatic Toxicology Testing (Gary Rand, Florida International University)
  • Human Health Risk Assessment (Mark Robson, Rutgers University)
  • Applied Radioagronomy – Agrochemicals in Agroecosystems (Peter Burauel, Agrosphere Institute)
  • Biotic ligand model and application for environmental quality criteria for metals and freshwater organisms (Adam Ryan, HDR-Hydroqual)
  • GIS and application in environmental sciences (David Treering, Loyola University Chicago)
  • Derivation of water quality criteria for aquatic life: case study for metals
  • Pharmaceutical and personal care products: fate and effects in the environment (Bryan Brooks, Baylor University)
  • Desision analysis for environmental problems (John Carriger, Thomas Stockton, Bryan Dyson, US. EPA)

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Conference proceedings:

Qualified papers will be invited for special issue publication in Journal of Environmental Sciences


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