HUEGEO 2012 – Climate Change (Vietnam)

By admin on May 18, 2012

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The papers will cover a variety of topics as follows:

  • Climate change and its impacts in Asia – Pacific;
  • Geo-engineering to respond and reduce damages caused by climate change: Theory and Practice;
  • The solutions and policies, technical response to climate change; experience in Vietnam and in other countries.

The main timeline

– Notice No. 1: 20 March 2012
– Registration and abstract: 15 May 2012
– Notice No. 2: 30 July 2012
– Full paper: 30 October 2012


The member who is about to give the presentation and has the paper published in the proceeding, please submit the abstract before 15 May 2012. The abstract does not exceed 500 words including the purpose and findings (please specify the paper’s title, author’s name, working place’s address). The Organizing Committee will inform authors whose papers are selected to present in the workshop before 30 July 2012 and the full paper should be submitted before 30 October 2012. (The paper’s format will be sent to the authors whose papers are selected to present and publish in the proceeding after 30 July 2012). Please be notified the two addresses for sending the abstract and full paper at the end of this notice.


Official languages used in the workshop are Vietnamese and English.


The workshop participants must register to the Organizing Committee HUEGEO 2012 before July 30 via email or fax;

After registration, the Organizing Committee will send a confirmation via email. Without receiving the feedback after 2 weeks, please contact the Organizing Committee.

Participants must fill out the necessary information in the form attached to this notice, or register online


  • Free participation
  • Travel expense, accommodation and other expenses must be paid by participants. The Organizing Committee will book the hotel if required.
  • Fee for the field trip: 20 USD/person
  • The Organizing Committee will support the accommodation and domestic travel expense for international participants.


For more information, please visit at or contact

Assoc. Prof. Do Minh DucHanoi University of Science
334 Nguyen Trai, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (+84)(4) 38585097, 0912.042804
Fax: (+84)(4) 38583061
Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van HopHue University of Sciences
77 Nguyen Hue, Hue, Vietnam
Tel: (+84)(54) 3837847, 0913.417931
Fax: (+84)(54) 3824901

Note: Participants will be offered a CD and a proceeding as well as related documents.


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