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SOICT 2013 – ICT (Vietnam)

OVSED Team recommends: Proceedings of SOICT 2011 Proceedings of SOICT 2012   VSE Contact: Pham Van Hai (   Website: ***** SoICT2013 is a scientific symposium for research in all major areas of computing. The symposium is organized by the School of Information and Communication Technology – Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Authors are invited to […]

CFP: “Asia Pacific Journal on Computational Engineering”

VSE Contact: Prof. Nguyen Dang Hung Email: h.nguyendang at Facebook: Homepage: Blog: OVSED: ***** Message from Prof. Nguyen Dang Hung: “Thưa các bạn, Tôi rất vui và rất hân hạnh chuyển đến các bạn một thư dưới đây, tôi vừa gởi đến trên 40 nhà khoa học quốc tế và các học trò cũ của […]

“Vietnam Women’s Innovation Day 2013” (Vietnam)

Download: Contents and guidelines (*.pdf) Deadline: June 30, 2013 in Vietnamese (tiếng Việt) **** Women in the East Asia and Pacific Region are less equal than men and are often expected to support men. But a new generation is emerging that, with help, can achieve what was not always available to their mothers: equality in rights and in […]

ICCASA 2013 – Context-Aware Systems (Vietnam)

2nd International Conference on Context-Aware Systems and Applications The ICCASA 2013 jointly organized by EAI, Nguyen Tat Thanh University (NTTU), and KienGiang Department of Information and Communications (KGDIC) is a place for highly original ideas about how context-awareness is going to shape networked computing systems of the future. Hence, it focuses on rigorous approaches and […]